Required subjects

  1. 數位健康專題討論(一)(Digital Health Seminar (I))

  2. 數位健康專題討論(二)(Digital Health Seminar (II))

  3. 資訊科學特論(Special topics on information science)

  4. 數位健康創新特論(Special topics on digital health Innovation)

  5. 碩士論文(M.S.Thesis)

Elective subjects

  • Big Data Analysis

  1. 統計與大數據分析(Using python for data analysis)
  2. 生物資料庫研究特論(Special topics of biobank research)
  3. 數位健康資料庫分析實作(Digital Health Database Analyses Workshop)
  • Artificial Intelligence

  1. 醫藥人工智慧專題(Topics of Medical and Pharmaceutical AI)
  2. 醫學影像處理與分析(Medical Image processing and analysis)
  3. AI影像識別實務(AI image recognition practice) 
  4. 深度學習實作(Workshop for deep learning) 
  • Biomedical Informatics

  1. 資料結構(Data Structure) 
  2. 資料庫管理系統(Database management systems)
  3. 生醫創新思維(Biomedical innovation thinking) 
  4. 三創工作坊(ICE workshop) 
  • Information Security

  1. 資訊安全特論(Special topics on information security)
  2. 量子密碼學特論(Special topics on quantum cryptography)